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“I write this to express my gratitude to your company. Many times only problems are reported, so I wanted to share a satisfying and positive experience. L/B Water Service has used your service for many years and we were happy with it. However, as economic times sometimes dictate, we decided to try a less expensive service and we found out the hard way, “you only get what you pay for”. It was an experiment that went wrong. We have signed a 2-year contract for your service and look forward to increasing our business through the use of Construction Data. At L/B Water, we do not have customers & vendors, we have partners and we look forward to our partnership with the Construction Data organization.”

Greg DuAime
L/b Water Service, Inc.
Customer since 2002

“Our company provides external and internal maintenance on municipal water tanks in New England, New York and Pennsylvania. Projects in our field are not widely advertised, so the partnership with Construction Data is very important to our business. For 15 years, the experienced editorial staff at Construction Data has provided our company with comprehensive project information that covers our business area. Anytime we need to discuss a project, they are just a phone call away and respond to our needs quickly. Construction Data delivers timely and accurate information so we can participate in on the bid process early. We find the detailed reporting of pre-bid meeting schedules and acquisition of bid documents particularly useful in planning our work.”

Pierce Law, Sr.
Rockwood Corporation
Lyons Falls, NY
Customer since 1997

“Construction Data is our primary resource for both our residential and commercial sales staff. We use as much technology as possible and with the addition of the online service; our sales department is able to access information on their laptops and Blackberrys quickly from any location.”

Gwendolyn Chandler, Marketing Manager
Thomas Concrete of Georgia, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
Customer since 1998

“Our firm has been using Construction Data for approximately 10 years. We have been very satisfied with their services. The daily reports we receive on the internet are always updated and accurate.”

Scott Harvard
Tormee Construction, Inc.
Shrewsbury, NJ
Customer since 1991

“Construction Data has been delivered to my office twice a week for the past 15 years. As a general contractor, I primarily do work for the state of New York. Complete project information is reported in the Construction Data paper so I do not have search elsewhere. I have tried other publications and they just don’t measure up to Construction Data. Construction Data saves my company time and money!”

Frank Fey, Owner
F C & C Construction
Highland Falls, NY
Customer since 1988

“Our business provides roofing services to most of Texas. Construction Data keeps us informed on what is up for bid over a large territory. We have used other services that have plan rooms, but they do not have all the information Construction Data has. Construction Data keeps us aware of all the upcoming projects over the Lone Star State so we don’t miss an opportunity.”

Cody Comstock, Estimator
Port Enterprises, LTD
Corpus Christi, TX
Customer since 1999

“I get quite a few jobs from the service. We receive more leads from Construction Data than from our other lead sources. When I start looking for jobs, Construction Data is the first source I reach for.”

Marvin Tucker, Chief Estimator
REC Industries
Bryan, TX
Customer since 1999

“Construction Data is so thorough that I will not give other lead services the time of day. I am very happy with the information Construction Data provides.”

Bob Hale, President & Owner
Halecon, Inc.
Bridgewater, NJ
Customer since 1988

“Having used two other major project information services, I find Construction Data is by far more thorough and in depth.”

Steve Kaufman
Banner Supply
Fort Myers, FL
New Customer 2008

“We are very pleased and appreciative of your services. Kindly keep up the good work. I draw attention to a detail that we are very attentive to and that is the differentiating between wood and metal framing. We see that you often underline the framing type and that is very helpful. As wood framers, this distinction is critical to selecting the correct jobs to bid.”

Moe Villano
Connecticut Carpentry Corp.
Rocky Hill, CT
Customer since 2002

“The best thing I like about Construction Data is the personal attention I receive from the Editorial Department. If ever I don’t see the information I am looking for, I can contact the Editorial Department and they will go out of their way to call architects, GCs or whoever has the information I need. “

Shirley Cararini
Greensburg, PA
Customer since 2005

“It is critical for me to know who all the bidders are on a project. The comprehensive bidder information that Construction Data provides has led to many new relationships with GCs. Thank you for the many years Construction Data has provided Prime Pest Management with the quality reporting that has helped grow our business. “

Dwight Prather, Chief Estimator
Prime Pest Management
Dallas, TX
Customer since 1999