What is a commercial construction lead service?
Construction Data is the premier supplier of real-time data on commercial construction projects. As a lead service, Construction Data provides information that allows architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers and other commercial construction industry professionals to better position their companies before, during and after the bidding process in the markets they serve.
What type of commercial construction projects do you publish?
Construction Data publishes publicly advertised commercial construction projects as well as private commercial construction projects. This information is gathered by our first-class editorial team from our extensive network of industry contacts.
How does Construction Data acquire this data?
Construction Data's editorial staff is first rate. We employ a corps of tenacious reporters to constantly gather and update information on public and private commercial construction projects using contacts at architectural firms, engineering groups, developers and government agencies.
How accurate is the information Construction Data provides?
Construction Data editorial content is extremely accurate, comprehensive and timely. Our reporters have spent years cultivating their sources, and they rely on these relationships to provide the most up-to-date content available.
I already subscribe to a commercial construction lead service provider. Why should I switch to Construction Data?
Many of our customers subscribe to more than one service to make sure they're effectively monitoring the market. Our superior editorial content is the main reason we've been the leader in regional commercial construction reporting for more than 35 years.
Does Construction Data publish bidders lists on its commercial construction project reports?
Yes. That's one reason we have so many clients. We have the ability to gather and publish contact information on the people and companies that control projects through completion. Construction Data supplies planholders lists, selected bidders and interested parties as well as the actual bid results and awarded contractors. These are just a few of the many benefits we offer our customers.
How up-to-date are Construction Data's bid results?
When a bid opens, you'll typically know about it within 24 hours.
How often does Construction Data update its commercial construction project database?
Construction Data's editorial staff is constantly updating project information as it becomes available. Our database is updated in real-time so our clients have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information.
How will I be notified of changes, updates or additions to commercial construction projects?
Construction Data's searchable database, Lead Manager™, allows you to customize your notification preferences. Email notification can be set on your saved searches letting you know how many new projects are available that meet your specific search criteria. If you follow individual projects with our Project Tracker™ you will be notified every time a pre-bid meeting or bid date has been added or changed.
How accessible does Construction Data make themselves available to its clients?
All of Construction Data's clients are granted direct access and given phone and e-mail information for our editorial staff. If a subscriber has a question or need on a specific commercial construction project report, they can contact our editorial staff who will respond within 24 hours.
Can I try before I buy?
Yes! Prospective customers can sign-up for a free trial to Construction Data's Lead Manager™ service where we're confident you'll discover the value of Construction Data's Lead Manager™ immediately.
What advertising opportunities do you provide?
Construction Data will put your ad in front of people who are interested in what you have to sell, and who have the power to make purchasing decisions. We offer ad space on our Lead Manager™, our Building Blocks Blog and the Construction Data Quarterly, our online magazine published four times a year.
Who do I contact about advertising opportunities?
You can contact our Advertising Department by calling us at (800) 395-4880 or sending an email to
I want to provide my own ad. What are your specs?
To advertise in Lead Manager, the Building Blocks Blog, or our newspaper, download our General Advertising Media Kit.
To advertise on our Construction Data Quarterly Publication or eNewsletter, download our CDQ Media Kit.